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Folder TEEB in The Netherlands

TEEB studies in The Netherlands

Since 2011 a number of TEEB studies have been commissioned for by the Dutch Government. The aim of the studies is to indicate the economic value of ecosystem services. In the first place this serves to raise awareness of nature's values among different parts and levels of Dutch Govenment, the business community and citizens. Secondly, the studies will be a basis for developing strategies to acually incorporate these insights in economic decisions.

TEEB studies finalised:

  • TEEB 'Green, healthy and Productive'
  • TEEB for the Dutch Business community
  • TEEB for Cities
  • TEEB for the Caribbean Netherlands
  • TEEB for Land use management in the Netherlands

 TEEB studies in preparation:

  • TEEB for Dutch trade chains


For a complete country profile on the international TEEB website, click here...

Folder TEEB 'Green, healthy and productive' (3 items)
Folder TEEB for the Dutch Business community (1 subfolder, 3 items)
Folder TEEB for Cities (2 items)
Folder TEEB for areas (2 items)
Folder TEEB Caribbean Netherlands (2 items)