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Folder Get going with biodiversity!

Biodiversity not only is nice and beautiful, above all it is useful. People can benefit from biodiversity in all kind of manners and support its maintenance and development. Many have gone ahead: their work can serve as an example. In this section  (in Dutch only) civilians, municipalities, provinces or companies within the Netherlands can find a lot of information about biodiversity and about the way they can actively participate to enhance the diversity of life. In their own garden, area or sector. The main message is: discover the possibilities and join in! In short: Get going with Biodiversity!

Folder Get going! (2 subfolders, 2 items)
Folder Duurzaam Door: Sociale innovatie voor een Groene Economie (2 items)
Folder Citizens and Biodiversity (3 subfolders)
Folder Consumers and Biodiversity (4 subfolders, 4 items)
Folder Regional and local Authorities and Biodiversity (3 subfolders)
Folder Businesses and Biodiversity (5 subfolders, 2 items)
Folder Showcase projects (1 subfolder, 23 items)
File Report conference Biodiversity works
PDF To venture with Landscape Services Download (2 versions)
URL Video's over inspirerende initiatieven met natuur
DOCX Financing of Green-Blue Landscape Services Download
PDF Discover, Agree and Develop Download