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Folder Taskforce Biodiversity and Natural Resources

The Dutch Taskforce on Biodiversity and Natural Resources (2009-2011) was looking for the best ways and methods to use biodiversity sustainably.

How can we work towards the preservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the Netherlands and other countries? Which specific tools are we using? And how do we involve Dutch society? These are the questions that the Taskforce Biodiversity and Natural Resources wanted to answer. The answers form the basis for the recommendations issued to the government on December 13th 2011.

A complex issue, biodiversity touches on numerous policy areas. It is connected inseparably to society in the broadest sense. The preservation and durable use of biodiversity concern us all. Hans Alders, chairman of the Taskforce, is convinced that a link between economic interests and biodiversity is vital to the preservation of biodiversity. ‘Worldwide we will have to come to an agreement on how we will pay for the value of biodiversity. Not by means of individual project financing but on a more permanent basis. The preservation of biodiversity should be economically interesting’, Hans Alders says.

The Taskforce’s composition reflected this broad challenge. Its members came from different groups in society: trade and industry, science, social organizations and the government.

The Taskforce was instituted on 23 January 2009 by order of several ministries, LNV, VROM and OS, further to the Biodiversity Policy Program (2007) and the appeal of Leaders of Nature (2006) initiated by IUCN NL.

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Animation: It all starts with green

Animation made for and firstly shown on the occasion of the presentation of the final advice of the Dutch Taskforce Biodiversity & Natural Resources.