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News The Green Fashion Competition: inschrijven kan tot 30 september as.

Are you, or do you know a talented fashion entrepreneur? Who can create exiting and ‘catwalk-worthy’ fashion, while sustaining our world’s biodiversity?

Enrol for The Green Fashion Competition via before September 30th 2011 and compete for €25.000,-, a show at Amsterdam International Fashion Week, workshops and much more! For further information please see attachment.

The Green Fashion Competition aims to create the foundation for a fashion industry that is produced in a manner wherein biodiversity is preserved. The only way in which this can be done is when entrepreneurs are able to find a balance between the economical, ecological and social impact of their ideas; a balance between People, Planet and Profit. The Green Fashion Competition will provide the entrepreneurial talents within the Dutch fashion industry with coaching, support, an international platform and sizeable financial aid for launching their ideas.

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Source Amsterdam International Fashion Week
Release date 20/09/2011

Please note that this information has expired.