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Dragonfiles monitoring RegularsThe government of the Netherlands will report to the Lower House of Parliament every year on the progress of this policy programme. The report will include a financial section summarising how the available resources have been spent. It will also indicate how much has been spent on regular biodiversity activities. This financial section will not replace the relevant chapters in the ministerial budgets concerned, but will summarise them and show how they relate to one another. The Dutch government wishes to provide an overall financial report on biodiversity policy in this way. The progress reports will also explain what specific activities the government expects to see carried out in the year ahead.

The Environmental Assessment Agency (MNP) will also report on the policy's performance in its balances, partly in relation to the actual quality of biodiversity in the Netherlands. In its forecasts, including its sustainability forecasts, the MNP will also report on performance in an international context, placing the policy programme in a wider context.

The MNP reports will maintain the framework for biodiversity indicators developed as part of the Biodiversity Convention (CBD). With a view to the European objective for 2010, the programme will also adhere to the pan- European indicator system, SEBI 2010 (currently in development). What is crucial when using these indicators is the cohesion between conservation, sustainable use (integration into economic sectors), public support and pressure factors (such as inadequate environmental quality).


PelagiaIn addition, starting in 2007 the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality will report annually on the state of Dutch biodiversity, based on an indicator developed within the context of the Vital Rural Area Agenda (AVP). The indicator is based on the long-term biodiversity target laid down in the ‘Nature for people, people for nature' policy document: ‘The conditions for the preservation of all naturally occurring species and populations in the Netherlands in 1982 will be permanently present in 2020.' The Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment will also facilitate the development and application of a soil biological indicator, undertaken by RIVM. The government will continue to support the essential role that Private Data Managing Organisations (PGOs) play in monitoring Inventory Sellingenand providing data for biodiversity indicators.

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