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Folder Management and finance

Programme-based management

The government of the Netherlands proposes to implement the policy programme ‘Biodiversity works: for nature, for people, forever ' via programme-based management. In response to recent experiences, the government has opted to focus on a limited number of priorities. The urgency and complexity of the selected priorities exceed the capacity of a single ministry. The policy programme will produce coherency in the ministries' activities and cooperation between them, and facilitate implementation of the programme. The funds for the policy programme will be allocated to the priority fields.

GrassReed shore with mountainThe programme-based management style calls for an inter-ministerial structure in which the policy priorities are incorporated into the biodiversity related themes of the various ministries. This structure must also act as a clear point of contact for the ‘Biodiversity and Natural Resources' task force and other allied platforms. The relevant ministries established an Interministerial Biodiversity Programme Team (IPB). The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality heads the IPB as the coordinating ministry for biodiversity. All the relevant ministries provide personnel and appointed a contact person.

The IPB is responsible for inter-ministerial consultation and coordination on the biodiversity policy. The team will focus on cooperation, coordination and strategic policy making with respect to the priorities formulated in the policy programme ‘Biodiversity works: for nature, for people, forever' and its implementation. The actual measures to be taken to implement the policy programme will be laid down each year in a work plan document. This will not affect the division of responsibilities between the ministries. Regular activities will be coordinated in broad terms but not at project level. In addition to the work plan for the priorities set out in this policy programme, the IPB will be responsible for translating recommendations and other findings of the task force into long-term implementation programmes for the transition.

Financial framework

EuroThe policy programme will be financed by the existing biodiversity-related funding. The estimated budget for the activities of the inter-ministerial programme team, the secretariat of the ‘Biodiversity and natural resources' task force and its platforms is 2.3 million Euro a year. This budget will be managed by the inter-ministerial programme team and projects will be carried out by an implementing organisation. The ministries most closely involved will share the costs equally.

Initiatives arising from inter-ministerial cooperation, the task force and platforms (both multilateral and bilateral) will be financed from the regular ministerial budgets. For each proposal, a decision will be taken on the most appropriate policy framework for financiering. An annual sum of approximately 230 million euro has been included in the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality's budget for measures partly aimed at the preservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. These concern measures such as environmental conditions in nature areas, the habitat approach, management, international biodiversity, sustainable enterprise and knowledge and research. Initiatives related to Dutch biodiversity in particular will have to be financed from this budget. Of the funds set aside for environmental policy, approximately 1.5 million euro is available each year for the transition needed to promote sustainable biodiversity. Under the budget available for development cooperation, expenditure relating directly to biodiversity totalled approximately 90 million euro in 2007. The level of spending is expected to remain static in the coming four years. The budget has enough leeway to cover any new initiatives that may arise from the policy programme, provided they meet the criteria for development cooperation. Besides the budget for development cooperation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' budget for the Matra programme is also relevant, since nature protection is one of the programme themes eligible for financing in this programme's pan-European regions.