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Folder Inter-ministerial Biodiversity Programme Team (2008-2011)

Working all together for biodiversity

In order to effectively implement the Dutch biodiversity policy, all departments within the Dutch government work closely together. In 2008, the Inter-ministerial Biodiversity Programme Team (IPB) was established for this purpose. The IPB is responsible for effective implementation of the policy paper Biodiversity Works: for natuur, for people, forever, Policy Programme 2008-2011. This concerns biodiversity all over the world as well as in our own country. The IPB is also responsible for translating recommendations and other findings of the 'Biodiversity and Natural Resources' task force into long-term implementation programmes.

In IPB, each priority is addressed by a Theme Co-ordinator appointed out of the ranks of the participating departments. Each Theme Co-ordinator can be assisted by a Theme Group consisting of civil servants working in the theme concerned (‘1st circle’) and representatives from civil society and the business world.(‘2nd circle'). This way we all work together for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.


(as of June 2010)

At present, the following departments participate in IPB: the ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV, coördinating ministry), Foreign Affairs (BuZa), and Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM). IPB is technically and administratively supported by SenterNovem. Members of IPB:

  • Henk de Jong (LNV), Programme Manager;
  • Marjan Hopman (LNV) and Theo de Gelder (LNV), Programme Secretaries;
  • Omer van Renterghem (BuZa), Theme Co-ordinator for Trade Chains and Biodiversity;
  • John van Himbergen (VROM), Theme Co-ordinator Payments for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services;
  • Gert Eshuis (VROM), Theme Co-ordinator for Biodiversity Works;
  • Edo Knegtering (LNV), Theme Co-ordinator for Ecological Networks;
  • Robert-Jan Croonen (LNV), Theme Co-ordinator for Marine Biodiversity and Sustainable Fisheries;
  • Jieles van Baalen (LNV), Theme Co-ordinator for Knowledge for Biodiversity;
  • Cathrien de Pater (LNV), Theme Co-ordinator for Communication (including Coalitions) for Biodiversity;

Agenda members:

  • Arthur Eijs (VROM), Co-Secretary of the Taskforce for Biodiversity and Natural Resources;
  • Erik van Zadelhoff (LNV), Co-Secretary of the Taskforce for Biodiversity and Natural Resources;

Day-to-day support is provided by a Core Team led by Henk de Jong and consisting of: Marian Homan, Theo de Gelder, Brigitte van Elburg, Cathrien de Pater, and Reshma Soebhag.

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