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Event The road to Paris - What to expect? (2/3)

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2015 will be a very interesting year, probably with lots of media reports on the ongoing climate negotiations. These three sessions should enable you to put what you read and hear in context, learning from experienced people in the field. You can sign up for individual sessions as well as for all three.

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Period 06/10/2015
Event location VVM bureau
Host VVM netwerk van milieuprofessionals
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Contact person Sara Jantzen
Email address:
Phone: 030-2322989
Theme(s) Health , Ecosystems , Others
Target group(s) Adults

October 6, Utrecht 

The second session will look at the so-called Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs, formerly known as “pledges”). Parties will expectedly submit their INDCs no later than early autumn. What have countries put forward in these INDCs to contribute to tackling climate change? Is that sufficient for the 2°C target? If not, where are the opportunities to close the gap? How are commitments and national contributions evaluated?


November 2, Utrecht  

In the final session, we will look at what can be expected from the coming negotiations in Paris. Now understanding what is happening behind closed doors, what can we expect will be the outcome this time? Will it be another disappointment like Copenhagen, or will it be a step in the right direction?