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Event Seminar on Circular Economy and Biodiversity

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You are kindly invited to participate in the Seminar:

The mutual benefits of a circular economy
for business and biodiversity
- a value-driven approach -

Monday, April 7, 17:00h – 20:00h

Location: Ministry of Economic Affairs,

Bezuidenhoutseweg 73, 2594 AC The Hague

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Period 07/04/2014
Event location Ministry of Economic Affairs Bezuidenhoutseweg 73, 2594 AC The Hague
Host Louis Bolk Institute & Ministry of Economic Affairs
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Contact person Sjef Staps
Email address:
Phone: 06-10919981
Theme(s) Ecosystems , Others
Target group(s) Adults
Type Meeting (seminar / conference / symposium / festival) Meeting (seminar / conference / symposium / festival)

The Circular Economy is a rapidly spreading concept. The reason is clear: the expanding world population and growing welfare put an ever increasing claim on the planet and its resources. This imposes a challenge on business and nature, but also offers chances. The Circular Economy is often posed as a way out of the ecological and climate crisis while providing opportunities for economic growth through fundamental systems innovation.

With circular economy becoming a more familiar concept, the question is raised: how do we get started? Therefore we are proud to introduce our keynote speaker Robert ter Kuile, the Senior Director Environmental Sustainability and Global Public Policy of PepsiCo USA. We are delighted that he has accepted our invitation to fly in from the United States. He has developed inspiring new ideas about how to bring the circular economy to life, at the global as well as at the local level. For the first time, he will take a Dutch audience along on the road that PepsiCo is following.

In addition to the story about PepsiCo’s strategies, the programme includes the following speakers:

Sjef Staps, author of the book ‘Over de crisis niets dan goeds’ [1] (‘Nothing but good about the crisis’). The book discusses the current global crisis in climate and biodiversity. Twenty-five experts – among whom are Robert ter Kuile and Klaas van Egmond – were interviewed and present  their opinion about urgencies and solutions. Sjef will share their insights on the circular economy from the perspective how this concept can help us in managing the challenges posed by the changing climate and declining biodiversity.

Douwe Jan Joustra, Managing Partner of One Planet Architectural Institute (OPAi) and the leading Dutch thinker about the circular economy. He has just completed the report ‘Ondernemen in de circulaire economie’  (‘Venturing in the circle economy’), which offers companies concrete guidance in how to move to a circular business model. Douwe Jan’s work is innovating both on the concept and on the practical utilization for a wide variety of companies and branches. He will expand on the opportunities created by the circular economy for business and for nature and how the two interact and collaborate.

Last but not least, the question arises whether working along circular concepts will indeed save biodiversity and the climate. In other words, how ‘green’ is the circular economy? Klaas van Egmond, Professor of Geosciences at Utrecht University and former Director of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment will reflect on the other presentations in the light of this question.

Directors of operations, sustainability managers, experts in green economy and transition, and young professionals are especially invited to attend. The meeting and discussions will be professionally chaired by Hadassah de Boer, who has presented the RTL 4 talkshow ‘Met man en macht’ en de ‘Talkshow TV3’.

The seminar is organised jointly by Louis Bolk Institute and the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs within the framework of the project ‘Over de crisis niets dan goeds’.

The seminar will be held in English.

Registration and entry

  • Please register here before Wednesday 2 April 2014 12:00h.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note that for security reasons, visitors to the Ministry will only be allowed entrance after registration and upon showing a valid identification document: passport (for non-Dutch citizens), identity card, drivers’ licence, or an entry pass issued by the Netherlands government. There is no exception to this rule. Other identification documents or entry passes from other organisations will not be accepted.
  • Registration is free.


Bezuidenhoutseweg 73 2594 AC Den Haag

Telephone: 070-379 8911 int: +31-70-3798911

For directions in Dutch, see:


You will receive a copy of the book Over de crisis niets dan goeds at the seminar entrance.

1] Staps, S., 2013. Over de crisis niets dan goeds. Klimaat en biodiversiteit: inspirerende gesprekken over urgentie en hoop. Zeist: Christofoor.