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Event Responsible Enterprise, International Cooperation and Tropical Forest Management. Are we on the right track?

This seminar analyses the status, experiences and perspectives of the Dutch private sector in shaping their international CSR policies, with a particular focus on their impact on tropical forests. How have companies equipped themselves to comply with CSR criteria in general (f.e. the OECD guidelines on CSR) and to effectively take up the roles attributed to them in the Dutch development policy? What specific measures have companies taken to mitigate their footprint on tropical forests and/or to promote sustainable forest management. What can realistically be expected from companies and what should governments and NGOs take up? What are the main problems, needs and opportunities for putting CSR to practice and how are these addressed by different actors? By bringing together and sharing the experiences of diverse networks of experts the seminar aims to identify practical steps and policies for CSR strategies for tropical forests. The seminar takes the outcomes of Rio+20 on board, and is well-timed to provide inputs to the new Dutch government.

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Period 13/09/2012
Event location "De Reehorst", Bennekomseweg 24, Ede "De Reehorst", Bennekomseweg 24, Ede
Host Tropenbos International e.a.
Event URL
Contact person Herman Savenije
Email address:
Theme(s) Others
Target group(s) Adults
Type Meeting (seminar / conference / symposium / festival) Meeting (seminar / conference / symposium / festival)

This seminar is intended for a broad audience of professionals working in private business and finance and their umbrella organisations, government, education, technical, economic and social specialists who are directly and indirectly involved in forest and land management and production and trade chains of agricultural and forest products.
Attendance is free of charge after registration at .