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Event REDD+Science+Governance: Opportunities and Challenges

The symposium REDD+SCIENCE+GOVERNANCE will address key challenges and concerns regarding REDD+. It will touch upon REDD+ negotiations, different scientific perspectives on REDD+ and the actual implementation of REDD+ activities. The symposium forms the start of a week-long set of activities on REDD+ at Wageningen University, which also includes a post-graduate course and an authors’ workshop to discuss a forthcoming special issue on REDD+.

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Period 04/10/2012
Event location Lawickse Allee 9 - 6701 AN Wageningen Hotel and Congrescentrum - Hof van Wageningen Lawickse Allee 9 - 6701 AN Wageningen
Host REDD@WUR network
See the agenda,%20workshops%20and%20symposia/REDD+Science+Governance%20-%20symposium.htm
Event URL,%20workshops%20and%20symposia/REDD+Science+Governance%20-%20symposium.htm
Contact person Marjanneke Vijge
Email address:
Theme(s) Ecosystems
Target group(s) Adults
Type Meeting (seminar / conference / symposium / festival) Meeting (seminar / conference / symposium / festival)

The symposium starts with key note speeches by a prominent researcher, practitione    r and negotiator, who will later enter into a lively discussion touching on some of the contentious debates related to REDD+. During four parallel sessions in the afternoon, special issue authors present their work on REDD+ from both a natural and social science perspective. These sessions will address the governance of REDD+; Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) systems for REDD+; REDD+ in a larger context; and the implementation of REDD+ projects. In the plenary session that follows, the authors and the public will discuss some key propositions that came up during the parallel sessions. The symposium ends with a drink and a dinner. 

The symposium is an initiative of the REDD@WUR network and will be held in Wageningen on the 10th of April 2012.


PhD's PE&RC/SENSE/WASS with TSP         30.00
Other PhD's and WU staff         60.00
Other participants       100.00


The fee includes drinks, lunch and diner



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Deadline for registration is Friday 30 March 2012.