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Event FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe

The ministers responsible for forests in Europe will convene their next high-level conference on 14-16 June 2011 in Oslo, Norway. At the upcoming FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe, the 46 member countries and the EU will take decisions that are highly relevant for forests and society in Europe and throughout the world.

Europe's forests are vitally important for solving climate change challenges and to foster a green economy. Political decisions aimed to preserve forests and safeguard their economic, environmental and societal benefits will be the focus of the 2011 Ministerial Conference, which fittingly takes place in the International Year of Forests. The conference will be an excellent opportunity for FOREST EUROPE countries and participants to enhance knowledge and promote their achievements and ambitions among policy and decision makers, the media and the public.  

High on the agenda will be the elaboration of a strengthened policy framework for sustainable forest management throughout Europe. To this end, it is expected that the ministers will decide whether to enter into negotiations on a legally binding agreement on forests in the pan-European region. It is also anticipated that ministers will adopt a vision, goals and targets for forests in Europe as part of the future FOREST EUROPE strategy.

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Period [14/06/2011 - 16/06/2011]
Event location Oslo
Host Forest Europe
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Event URL
Contact person Kristin Dawes, Head of Communications and Public Affairs
Email address:
Phone: + 47 64 94 89 32
Theme(s) Ecosystems , Genetic Diversity , Others
Target group(s) Adults

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