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Event Conferentie 'The Great Escape'

Op 26 en 27 april organiseert IUCN NL: 'The Great Escape, there is No Planet B': een tweedaagse conferentie voor beleidsmakers waarin experts uit binnen- en buitenland zich aan de hand van drie thema’s buigen over de rol van gezonde ecosystemen bij het halen van ontwikkelingsdoelen.

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Period [26/04/2010 - 27/04/2010]
Event location Nature Artis Magistra, Amsterdam Plantage Middenlaan 41a-43, Amsterdam
Host IUCN Nederlands Comitee
Event URL
Contact person Aukje ter Horst
Email address:
Phone: 020 6261732
Target group(s)

This conference will focus on the inextricable relationship between humans, development and biodiversity. It will explore this relationship through asking the question: What more is needed to escape the unsustainable development path human society is following? 
Building on the extensive knowledge and experience built up over decades of work in the field of nature conservation, sustainable development, poverty eradication and greening the economy,  IUCN NL now asks policy makers from governments, businesses and NGOs the question: Help us define the plan to break out!