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Folder About BAP

With a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP), you can work with other interested parties to strengthen biodiversity in a particular area.  Biodiversity can also be utilized to achieve societal goals.  By developing a joint BAP, you not only generate support for your plans, but you also make use of the ideas and expertise of others.  You are not alone when it comes to carrying out the plans you've made. 

The value of biodiversity

Biodiversity is key to a well-functioning ecosystem.  Ecosystem services benefit the natural world, the countryside, and urban areas.  Biodiversity contributes, for example, to quality of life, higher property values, and an attractive business climate.  Biodiversity also supports jobs in agriculture, fisheries, and the recreational sector.  In other words, biodiversity plays an important role in fulfilling the needs of society.  That's why a Biodiversity Action Plan matters (BAP). 

Download: Ecosystem services (currently in Dutch only)