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Tips for involving local authorities

  • Consider in advance what interests local authorities may have in developing a BAP. In view of the position they hold, what are the advantages of a BAP for the parties whose support you are trying to win? A BAP can for example play a key role in preparing a land development plan, but can also improve the liveability of neighbourhoods or prevent air pollution (particulate matter issues).
  • Show how a BAP can address several policy fields at the same time. This will increase support for investments.
  • Gain support of managers by also emphasizing the economic aspects: contributing to the sustainable economy, creating jobs, reducing health care costs, strengthening the business climate. Highlight the benefits of investing in a BAP in terms of both quality and where possible quantity.
  • Show which parties are participating in the municipality: Is the business community getting involved? Are resident groups involved? Are care institutions interested?
  • Show the investments made by other parties in the action plan: What are businesses and members of the public prepared to do? The government cannot lag behind!
  • Show how the BAP can lead to a positive PR for the municipality or the province. What image is projected? What is the best way to take advantage of this?
  • Use the presentation or the video on the website to gain the support of colleagues.
  • Use examples from other provinces and municipalities.


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