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Areas & Services

You can approach setting up a biodiversity action plan in two main ways:  You can aim to develop an area or to utilize a service.

Developing a particular area

If your BAP involves an area in which different biodiversity services are utilized, then a participatory approach will work best.  You will be dealing with a variety of interests and perspectives, and by involving others, you increase support for your BAP and don't have to go it alone.  In consultation with the 'users' of the area, you can look at the value of its current biodiversity and consider the future of the area.  What services will the area need to provide 20 years from now?  And for whom?  Can these services coexist?  What would this mean for biodiversity in the area? 

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Utilizing a specific service

Would to like to work with a BAP in order to utilize a specific function of biodiversity, such as controlling particulate pollution or storing water?  In this case, dream sessions are not always useful.  Instead, write your BAP with a direct focus on the specific function of biodiversity you'd like to work on, and then find experts on the subject and stakeholders with an interest in this function.  Who else would benefit from reducing particulate pollution, for example?  What type of green area works best? 

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