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biodiversiteitSo you want to do something involving biodiversity.  You've become interested in the topic or you’ve been asked to support biodiversity in your area.  Now you're asking yourself what steps you should take, what tips and suggestions are available, and whether there are contacts or model projects that can help. This website can help you find your way. It will also give you the tools to share your insights with others working in biodiversity.  Read more


Brabant's Pears of Biodiversity

The Dutch province of Noord-Brabant has collected experiences with biodiversity in the 'NME arrangement for Brabant's Pearls of Biodiversity', with the aim of raising awareness of the value of biodiversity.

Investing in biodiversity pays

It is well established that investing in the natural environment pays off. Studies show that each euro invested can have a social return of double that amount. And yet finding funding is not easy. more


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